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The Kingdom Institute:

The Kingdom Institute is a biblically based bible college and seminary that focuses on building up a generation of leaders that are both effective and impactful. The Kingdom Institute is an accelerated school that offers a wide range of fundamental christian studies such as Theology, Divinity, Biblical Studies and much more at an affordable rate. We offer an Associates, Bachelor's, Masters, Doctoral and a certification program. Call 636-306-0065 or email us at for more info.

The Delester Mae Dixon Charitable Foundation:

The Delester Mae Dixon Charitable Foundation was founded on the core principles of paying it forward and working together to build a stronger community and a stronger people. The foundation has helped spread awareness for breast cancer, aids, relationship and spouse abuse, utility and food assistance, rent voutures and much more. We are continuing to spread the love around to all of Gods people and his children.

My Father's House Apostolic Covering, Inc.:

My Father's House Apostolic Covering is designed to help grow, equip, teach and provide fundamental leadership training to ministers of all walks of life and ministerial backgrounds. We help local churches and ministries enhance and establish integrity, character and stability.

The Missouri Association of Black Ministers, Inc.:

The Missouri Association of Black Ministers, Inc. is a non for prophet organization that was founded on the core principles and values of giving back to the urban community and creating oppertunities for the next generation to be able to soar and fly to new higher hieghts in life. The Association has blessed many in the community by giving away food and clothes at local pantries, helping other churches and ministries with their bills and current debt, helping local black owned businesses get started and create clientel and to top it off we have been able to give out scholarships to well deserving college students. We pride ourselves on giving back to the community and the people in it and we continue to honor those that have paved the way for people like us to be able to fight for a cause that is greater than ourselves.  

Kingdom Connection radio broadcast and The Kingdom talk show with Dr. Dixon:

Weekly radio broadcast that airs every Saturday at 8am.

Monthly talk show that airs with many different guests from the surrounding St. Louis area and abroad that come together to talk about everyday issues that plague our communitites.

 Welcome to the official website of Bishop DeMarco G. Dixon Sr. For many years Bishop Dixon has dedicated his life to the building of the Kingdom of God. He has blessed many families through his ministry, given back to the community and has even been able to be a pillar to many others in the Gospel Faith movement. His ministry extends across numerous religion barriers and because of that he is known as one of the most effective and respected preachers in the world. We are glad and yet honored that you have visited this site today.! It is not by accident that you have visited this site today and we are amazed at what God is already doing in your life. We are dedicated to the "True Worship" of God's risen son and hope that you pursue the pages of our ministry and that God touches your heart to partner with us as we continue to build his great Kingdom. We surely hope that you are blessed, empowered, and enlightened by the works that God is doing in us, through us and with us. Grace and Peace.!


                                                                                                                                                                                         DeMarco Dixon PhD.

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