Weekly Schedule:
Tuesday Bible study 7 pm
Thursday Mid-week service 7:45 pm
Sunday Morning worship 8 am and 11 am
Who we are:
Our Mission:
The mission and objective of The Empowerment Temple Church is very simple. We are comprised of Evangelists, teachers, ministers, missionaries and children of god who believe in effective Kingdom Building. Our ministry desires to reach out to the people in our communities that are in need of job opportunities, continuing their education, health and medical needs, school supplies and uniforms for our children, food, clothes and shelters and being the all around voice for the voiceless. We thrive on effective leadership and believe that we are all leaders, teachers and evangelists in our own right. The Empowerment Temple believes in fighting for whats right even if we have to stand alone. The Empowerment Temple is built on the core principles and values of true integrity, courage, activism, leadership, and giving honor were honor is due.


What We Believe:

We believe: that all men and women are created equal and should not be judged because of the color of their skin, gender, age or even were they came from.

We believe: in the Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

We believe: in the Baptism and that one shall and will be set free when they declare that Jesus is Lord and the Savior of our lives and that we shall all repent for our sins and ask for forgiveness from the author and the finish of our faith.

We believe: that God is the creator of all things that exist and that everything we do whether its inside or outside of the four walls of the church, We must continue to glorify and magnify his name.

We believe: that everything we do must have a purpose and must be apart of God's agenda.

We believe: that God's word must be preached to the entire world and that we must continue to spread God's love to his people.

We believe: in effective leadership, kingdom building and community activism.

Our History:
It all started off as a vision straight from God himself. One day Bishop Dixon was sitting at his kitchen table and he had a revelation that he would soon Pastor a church. Even though Bishop Dixon had been a licensed and ordained minister for quite some time, he was still running away from his calling. One day The Bishop woke up from a dream that he was Pastoring a church and that his following of flock was too much for him to believe. At his kitchen table he began writing down everything he saw in his dream, everything from how the pulpit was set up, how many ministers and deacons were present, how many members were in the service and after that he then decided that God was really revealing just what he had in store for The Bishop. After waiting a while to make sure God had really called him to Pastor, Bishop Dixon then embarked on a journey to find a facility that could hold the church for its first few services and he found just that. On March 29, 2015 we had our first worship service at 4688 Grand and Itaska in a store front building and the church was then named Holy Temple Christian Assembly. We had such an amazing impact on that location and neighborhood to the point that we gained not only their membership but also their trust. After just a few months at this location, the facility became too small to hold the worship services and it was not functionable enough for the vision God had placed on The Bishops heart. After we finally relocated, the church was then renamed The Empowerment Temple Church STL.

Our Ministries:

Drug & Alcohol Ministries:  D & A meetings are on Mondays at 7:00 pm.  This class is design not only for those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, it is also for those who have love ones they desire to help.  You will learn Biblical truths to become drug free. You will learn how to not be an enabler, how to break codependent relationships, and how to maintain lasting change.


Women of Vision:  This is a small group ministry design to assist women in their spiritual development as well as how to deal with issues in life that are unique to women.  The meeting is on Thursday at 6:00 pm.


Men of Valor(Iron sharpening iron):  This is a ministry to men who desire a deeper and committed walk with the Lord.  It is men holding men accountable to their walk and worship of Jesus Christ, a commitment to moral and sexual purity, a commitment to family, a commitment to service in the local church, mentoring of young men, and the continued prayer for their Pastor and church leadership. The men of The Empowerment Temple meet for brotherly fellowship every Thursday at 6:00 pm


The Empowerment Youth:  Children are not left out in Christian fellowship and spiritual development at The Empowerment Temple.  We believe in raising the youth in the admonition of the Lord.  The youth of The Empowerment Temple not only learn biblical truths, but they are active in evangelism by show casing their talents in dance, theater, and artistic expression. (Thursday 6pm)


Bible Study:  One of most effective discipleship programs is our Bible Study meetings.  This class is facilitated by our Pastor and Teacher, Bishop Dr. DeMarco G. Dixon Sr.  Classes are structured to give a comprehensive view of God's Word so that what is learned can be applied to ones life. Tuesday 7pm


Leadership Class:  This class is designed for those who are in a leadership role.  Anyone who has a responsibility to oversee others are required to participate in this class.  It is facilitated by our Pastor and meets every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at 6:00 pm.

Music and Arts Ministry: Here at The Empowerment Temple we believe in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through the talents of others in music and arts. The Empowerment Temple Music and Arts Ministry meets every Wednesday at 6:00pm.